We Eliminated ACL Injuries, Took Our Athletes To The Pros, & Kept Them Uninjured for Years.
This Is How We Did It.
We Eliminated ACL Injuries, Took Our Athletes To The Pros, & Kept Them Uninjured for Years.
This Is How We Did It.
What You Get In This Book:
  • A full description of the DM Athletics method & how it eliminates injuries in all sports
  • How we keep our athletes completely ACL injury free!
  • How we structure our programs to cover weak points
  • How a coach or parent should implement the method to get the best results
  • Several case studies of successful practitioners
  • The one thing most trainers don’t do… that could make or break an athlete!
Ever wonder why some athletes can play their best... and others can't?
Every year, thousands of athletes at all levels sustain various injuries.

Most of these injuries are not life threatening… however, almost any injury can seriously impact performance.

For athletes, performance is everything. We do our best to avoid anything that could possibly hurt our abilities on the field. 

After an injury, our performance suffers and our motivation goes down. The sudden loss of performance and drive can really mess with our heads. 

Sometimes, even a minor injury can throw our games off entirely. Then, it's all downhill from there.

If you or your athlete have ever sustained an injury that hurt your performance so much that you wanted to give it all up… just know that it’s not too late. 

I’ve been there, too.

When I was in high school, I was one of the best defensive tackles in my home state of Hawaii. 

My performance there allowed me to go to University of Washington on a football scholarship.

I became a starting player. I received Freshman All American Honors. 

I even started receiving attention from NFL recruiters. They all wanted me to try out.

Before I could get my chance, though… I sustained a foot injury that would completely change the course of my career… and my life.

My performance suffered immensely. I couldn’t perform the same plays that I used to. 

When I got my chance, I completely botched my NFL tryout and ended up on the bench in my senior year.

Long story short, I didn’t make it. 

I became a mess. Despite all of this… I didn’t give up. 

I devoted the rest of my 20s to rehabilitating myself, researching techniques, and studying methods utilized by the top coaches to make sure that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Now, I train the pros using the methods I discovered and developed over those long ten years.

I found that my methods were not just good for rehabbing injuries. They could be used to maximize the performance of healthy players.

Strength. Speed. Agility. All of these things can be maximized using my methods.

After using these methods in my gym for years, I finally got the opportunity to write them down.

If you're a coach or parent who desires greater things from your athletes, this book is for you.
Introducing: How To Eliminate ACL Injuries!
How We Maximize Performance, Eliminate ACL Injuries, 
and Take High School, College & Pro Athletes To The Top Of Their Game
Are you a coach or trainer that wants to take your athletes to the professional level?

Are you a parent of a competitive athlete, and are concerned with keeping them safe?

If so, you need to read this book.

Learn how to eliminate most injuries, assess your athlete's weak points, and keep them at peak performance so they can do what they do best: play.

Get it now.
My name is Donny Mateaki, co-founder of DM Athletics, a Seattle-based gym.
At my gym, I use a training philosophy that I built over 10 years of regaining my own athletic ability, studying and researching topics related to exercise science and physiology.

My clients include both college and professional athletes, competing in a wide variety of sports.

For years, I’ve wanted to compile my method into something that people can follow at home. Now, I’ve finally completed my book.

If you’re an athlete at any level, you’ll benefit from using my method at home, guiding yourself to patching up your weak points and becoming the absolute best that you can be.
This Method Has Been Used To:
  • Get countless high school students playing at the D1 level.
  • Increase my bench from 400 lbs to 500 lbs.
  • Put my college football players in the NFL.
  • Take our NFL athletes to the top of their game: injury free.
  • Train hundreds of athletes... without a single ACL injury. Ever.
  • Improve an athlete's bench press 80 lbs in 7 weeks.
  • Put injured players back at the top of their game... flabbergasting doctors & coaches who said they'd never play again.
...and so much more.
Here Is A Snippet of Everything You Will Learn In This Book:
  • A full description of the DM Athletics method & how it eliminates injuries in all sports
  • How we keep our athletes completely ACL injury free!
  • How we structure our programs to cover weak points
  • How a coach or parent should implement the method to get the best results
  • Several case studies of successful practitioners
  • The one thing most trainers don’t do… that could make or break an athlete!
...plus how to eliminate injuries in athletes in eight steps!
However, this is not a typical 'guide to going pro' book. 

This report is an in-depth guide on how I prepare my athletes to get on the field 
and play at the highest levels, no matter what injuries they may have sustained.
This book does NOT include:
  • The ‘programs of the star athletes’. We focus on personalized training because every athlete, sport, and situation is different.
  • The best possible macros to have, or the ‘diets of the stars’. See above. Our focus is on eliminating injuries and maximizing performance.
  • A guide on how to be a coach or train athletes. That’s outside the scope of the book. 
If you're ready to see exactly how I was able to keep hundreds of athletes injury-free...

...click below. You won't regret it.
Here’s What People Are Saying About My Method:
While I completed my college career as a University of Washington football player, I began thinking of a place in which I could prepare myself for my pro day. I had experienced a very serious leg injury—breaking my fibula and dislocating my ankle. The nerve damage created contractions in my toes. In my search for a training facility, I came across DM Athletics and it was the best discovery I made.
Donny at DM Athletics is very knowledgable about about sports training–especially for a guy like myself whom suffered from an injury. He was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and areas of my body that needed work, because I had overcompensated for my ankle. The training at DM Athletics definitely prepared me well–whether it was for my pro day, or work outs with NFL teams. It enabled me to be more confident and functional on my ankle as well as the rest of my body.
I can honestly say that this is the best my ankle has felt since my injury. I’m so happy with my results, and I owe a lot to them. I would highly recommend DM Athletics to anyone who is serious about training and getting their body in the best physical shape.
Semisi Tokolahi
“Donny and his staff analysis of athletic performance are helpful to anyone who wants to be their best.
After my senior season at the University of Washington, I wanted to take my Football experience to the professional level. Initially, I was surprised when Donny contacted me and offered his training facility, knowledge, and time to help me get ready for the next level.
When I first arrived at the gym I was tested on the FMS which showed that I needed improvement on my hip flexibility and shoulder stability. Donny explained to me that the FMS showed I was strong in other aspects, yet Donny wanted to hone in on creating a program for me that would greatly improve these areas and prepare me so I can perform at a Professional level.
With Donny and his team helping me every day I was able to perform exceptionally well at my Pro Day and received contact info from teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and the Seattle Seahawks.
I can say without a doubt, after training with this program for four months that I feel more confident in my hip flexibility and shoulder stability than I have ever felt. I am glad I chose to train with Donny and his knowledgeable staff as they have trained me at the professional level.”
Anthony Gobern
I am very impressed with the knowledge and skill demonstrated by Donny Mateaki at DM Athletics. My son has been training with Donny since his High School football days, and continues to do so now that he’s playing College ball. As a chiropractor who has many student athletes and weekend warriors for patients, I am confident that when I refer them to DM Athletics, they are in expert hands for their strength and conditioning training.
Dr. Richard Levine
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More About the Author
Donny Mateaki, Owner of DM Athletics
I grew up in Honolulu Hawaii, attending Iolani High School. As an athlete who played football, basketball, and track, it was football that I really excelled in. I was blessed to receive many honors in these sports, and it was during this time that I discovered my love for working out.

I accepted an offer to play football for the University of Washington, and redshirted my first year (2002), due to a shoulder injury. I played my redshirt freshmen year and saw my first start half way through the season. I earned 2nd team Freshmen All American honors during this time, and faced a handful of trials due to injury in the coming years.

Although I was lucky to start in my position throughout all of my years at the U.W, I found that my athleticism had decreased tremendously. My upper and lower body lost a lot of strength, while my speed and vertical seemed to drop as well. After finishing my career there, I spent much of my time researching and experimenting to determine why and how this happened. As someone who has been so passionate about constant improvement in athleticism, I didn’t want anyone to go through my experience, thus helping those that I work with to get faster, stronger, quicker and never revert backwards.
Although I work with a wide variety of clientele, I have been working with athletes for nearly three years now and have helped my clients to achieve amazing results. 

I apply many of the same work ethics on those who are trying to achieve weight loss or maintain weight, as those who are training for their athletic endeavors. Fitness and strength training is my passion. It is not simply the element of working hard, but also being intelligent about the kind of work that is done, which will gain us the success we want to achieve.
My Philosophy: How I Produce Consistent Results
I focus on a series of issues that help us determine together, the needs that are to be met. Beginning with weakness, moving into technique, and then further examining strength, gives both the client and I a firm foundation for training. Helping athletes to get faster and stronger is the goal we will meet, but a key component to this, is their attitude. Attitude is everything, and we will always draw back to the level of intensity and energy that they need to bring to every workout, practice and game to get the most out of their athletic experience.
Get It Today For Only $20!
I usually charge hundreds of dollars per session to train with me. Athletes can attest to the results they’ve gotten and they can agree: it was well worth it.

However, I’m not selling my method for $300, or $100, or even $50.

I’m selling the book, a self-guided course on how to use my method for yourself, for only $20.

If you’re not satisfied with what you learn in this report, or with the results you get from applying what you learn, I’ll give a full refund. That’s right: I’ll give back the $20 you spent on my method, no questions asked.

However, I’m only offering this for a limited time.

What are you waiting for? Order my method now!
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